On 30th August 2018 my lovely wife Karen lost her courageous fight with cancer.


She had been diagnosed with breast cancer 4 years ago and after coming through surgery and chemo, she was soon back playing 1st team tennis at Alderley.


This experience had a profound effect on her and galvanised her into setting about trying to help those who were in need but didn't know which way to turn.


After months of research and a lot of hard work Karen's vision of a wellness centre in a safe, tranquil location is on the verge of being realised.


We have a growing number ( just over 40 at present) of skilled therapists and practitioners working at Yew Tree Wellness today. They offer a wide range of services which are primarily focused on supporting the mind and body .


Karen's philosophy regarding the atmosphere she wanted to create was simple - she wanted a  'family ' of practitioners who could help and support each other while treating people in a wonderful , safe and stress free setting.

My mission is to fulfil her vision and by so doing , create her lasting legacy of which our 7 year old son Will and all her many friends can be proud of.

Rupert Birchenall